Moving Guidelines and Information

Any tenant moving furniture or equipment into or out of the building needs to coordinate with Property Management in advance. Please review the following guidelines below:

  • Please email Property Management at sean.yamagiwa@cushwake.com or jillian.monteleone@cushwake.com to provide the earliest possible date but in no event less than 72 hours before the move is scheduled to occur.
  • Tenants shall be responsible for distributing these guidelines to the movers and will be held responsible for any damage incurred to the building as a result of the move.
  • Moving is not permitted during business hours. Moving hours are after 6:00pm or before 7:00am Monday through Friday or anytime on Saturday and Sundays (subject to Property Management’s prior approval).
  • Movers must provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the move-in/move out date. See Vendor Insurance Requirements attached.
  • All furnishings and equipment will be delivered/moved out via the loading dock only.
  • If you are vacating the building, you will need to schedule a walk-through of your suite with a representative from Property Management team prior to the move for determination of restoration items as stated in the lease agreement.
  • In addition a post move-out walk should be scheduled with the Property Manager after everything has been moved out to assess the condition of the suite, (i.e., doors, walls, carpets, flooring, windows, ceiling tiles and blinds).

Movers must take care to protect all walls, floors, doors and fixtures, including using cardboard corner guards. The mover shall be responsible for supplying Masonite or Plywood to cover interior flooring surfaces.

  • Remove all empty boxes from the premises. No debris may be left at the back of the building or property dumpsters.
  • All protective items are to be removed by the moving company at the conclusion of the move.
  • If expecting additional deliveries of furniture, supplies or equipment, etc. following the initial move, the same rule still applies.
  • Freight elevators must be used for all move-in and move-outs, transporting all furniture, boxes, carts, or other large objects for delivery.