Landfill & Recycling

Ten Almaden is committed to reducing and recycling disposable items (trash) as much as possible to protect our environment. We have developed the following policies and procedures to ensure a successful trash/recycling program.

Each floor/tenant will have bins for Dry (recycling/trash) & Wet (compost) containers in the kitchen area.

BLUE (WITHOUT LINER): Every private office or workstation will have a recycling receptacle WITHOUT a trash bag liner. In order to keep them clean, these unlined receptacles should be used for DRY recyclables, including paper, non-liquid containing rigid plastic, empty bottles and cans, and cardboard. No liquid should be disposed of in any of the blue recycle containers.

GREY/BLACK/GREEN: Every private office or workstation will have a GREY/BLACK bin with a clear liner for Compost.

Kitchen/Break Room Area Bins

GREEN: Every break room, kitchen area will have a green trash receptacle WITH a clear trash liner. This is for compostable items such as soiled food items, paper plates, paper coffee cups, pizza boxes, plant/flower clippings and coffee grounds.


BLACK BINS: Every break room, kitchen area will have a blue/black trash receptacle WITH a BLACK trash liner. This is strictly for DRY and recyclable items (plastic coated plates & cups, rigid plastic such as chip bags and plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam etc.)

Utensils must be marked “compostable” in order to be placed in the green composting bins. Hard plastic items such as forks, spoons and knives will go in the recycling bin.


Tenants are to throw only soiled hand towels and paper in the restroom trash receptacles. No landfill items are permitted in these receptacles.