Building Keys

Suite Keys:

New tenants will receive 2 keys to each suite entrance at no cost. Keys are distributed by Cushman & Wakefield upon move-in. Additional keys may be purchased through Angus (tenant work order system).

All keys must be returned to the building management office upon move-out.

Due to code regulations and safety concerns, it is important that doors / locks are not tampered with. Please contact the building management office for all installation and/or repair requests.

Building Access Card Keys:

Elevator access cards are necessary to access your floor after hours. These cards will be provided upon move-in; however additional cards should be requested and billed back to tenant after initial move in. Tenants will be responsible for requesting elevator access cards from building management.

Parking Garage Programming:

To facilitate activating your parking garage access, please complete the attached parking application which will be forwarded to our garage operator SP+. Should you need additional spaces over and above what your lease agreement has allocated, please contact Building Management.